‘Survivor’ – live panel for Dunera

‘Survivor’ Photographer Harry Borden Live in Conversation

Acclaimed UK photographer Harry Borden’s ‘Survivor’ is a collection of powerful images and personal notes documenting survivors of the Holocaust. Travelling the globe for five years, Borden photographed hundreds of survivors on four continents, including Australia, Israel, the UK and USA. So moved by the photos and stories in ‘Survivor’, Mount Scopus Year 10 Judaic Studies & History Teacher Lisa Procel incorporated the book into her holocaust studies curriculum, and encouraged students to write to those in the book. This live session is facilitated by journalist and producer Miriam Hechtman who partnered with Harry for the US and Israel chapters until its final realization to book. Harry Borden (UK) and Lisa Procel (Melb) join Miriam to discuss the book’s conception, the idea of photography as historical artifact, and the importance of how we teach Holocaust remembrance to the next generation.

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