Poetic City’s Poetry Cinema brings you a selection of poetry films and videos from Canberra, Australia and the world!

Join us on Lonsdale Street Braddon for a few minutes or stay to watch the full 40 minute program. The program will play for 3 sessions each night:
– Session 1: 6.30pm
– Session 2: 7.10pm
– Session 3: 7.50pm

The Poetic City Poetry Cinema will feature the following films:

·       Home Nature – by Bohie Palecek, featuring Hazel Hall’s poem ‘Lux aeterna luceat eis’

·       Holding Ground – by Zoe Anderson, Faith Kerehona and Ishe Chitsungo

·       Rakali – by Jacqui Malins

·       Art, Industry, Architecture and pets – by Andrew Galan and Freddy Komp

·       Daphne (after Apollo) by Chris Collins and Rebecca Freeman

·       Another Bloodsucka by Vaughn Upward García

·       Everything sleeps but the night – by Marie Craven and Matt Hetherington

·       Jux/ta/po/si/tion – by Miriam Hechtman

·       22 Exposures (excerpt)- by Erica Wheadon

·       Love in the time of celery – by Ali Whitelock

·       Cultural Submissions – by Caroline Reid and and Patrick Zoerner

·       Creative Destruction – by Daiane Moret

·       Shoes without Feet – by Caroline Rumley

·       Midnight – by Sergey Tenyatnikov

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