JOANNE FEDLER – UNBECOMING A recording from Gertrude and Alice Bookstore author event, an evening with Joanne Fedler, hosted by Miriam Hechtman, founder of Poetica, at our cosy little bookstore in Bondi Beach. The night was all about celebrating the release of Joanne's latest novel Unbecoming, and this was the first of two sold out events with the… Continue reading JOANNE FEDLER – UNBECOMING

RONNI KAHN + JESSICA CHAPNIK KAHN – A REPURPOSED LIFE A recording from Gertrude and Alice Bookstore author event, an evening with Ronni Kahn and Jessica Chapnik-Kahn, in conversation with, founder of Poetica, Miriam Hechtman, at our cosy little bookstore in Bondi Beach. The event one of two sold out events organised in celebration of the release of Ronni's biography, A Repurposed Life. Watch… Continue reading RONNI KAHN + JESSICA CHAPNIK KAHN – A REPURPOSED LIFE

THE ICE BLOCK CHALLENGE MIRIAM HECHTMAN: The Jewish Climate Network is asking Australian families to put an ice block next to the Seder plate to remind us of the melting ice caps caused by human activity THERE’S NOTHING LIKE performance art to tell a story, especially a story that might instil fear but also motivate and inspire. And there’s… Continue reading THE ICE BLOCK CHALLENGE

BOTH SIDES NOW – ANDI + SARA Australians talk about love, life and Judaism: MIRIAM HECHTMAN asks Andi and her mother Sara about their journey through life. (PLUS61J MEDIA)Dr Andi (Chani) Salamon, 45, is a teacher and researcher at Charles Sturt University, and has an 11-year-old son. Andi’s mother Sara Salamon, 69, is a customer service guru for Westfield in Chatswood.… Continue reading BOTH SIDES NOW – ANDI + SARA

Both Sides Now – Dulce + Gerry

Dulce Carolina Muñoz Garcia, 39, is a feminist and National Convener of Mums4refugees. Gerardo Navarrete Avalos, 40, is a 4WD buff and marketing executive for an insurance company. Dulce and Gerry both grew up in Mexico and came together to Australia in 2008. DULCE Gerry and I have been together for 20 years, married for 13.… Continue reading Both Sides Now – Dulce + Gerry

‘Survivor’ – live panel for Dunera ‘Survivor’ Photographer Harry Borden Live in Conversation Acclaimed UK photographer Harry Borden’s ‘Survivor’ is a collection of powerful images and personal notes documenting survivors of the Holocaust. Travelling the globe for five years, Borden photographed hundreds of survivors on four continents, including Australia, Israel, the UK and USA. So moved by the photos and… Continue reading ‘Survivor’ – live panel for Dunera