Three Poems in Live Encounters

With thanks again to Mark Ulyseas, Publisher/Editor of Live Encounters Poetry & Writing magazine for publishing three of my poems. This is the third time I have been published in this journal and it is always in the company of brilliant poets which is both thrilling and humbling for me. See below for my three… Continue reading Three Poems in Live Encounters


The Alphabet of Women

Tada! Is that enough to sum up over three years in the making? Yeah I reckon so. Bookface of me with my first book-editing credit for an anthology comprising 26 excellent women. My poem “Dear Letter P” (see below) was the jump starter for this rather epic project that has already been performed live and… Continue reading The Alphabet of Women


This was written for Emanuel Synagogue's Simchat Torah celebration. I was given the word 'sacrifice' to contemplate and then present to the congregation. When I say sacrifice My mind races to a hilltop Beyond the bushes Beyond the fire Beyond the mother’s gaze Stones, knife, altar A son, a father, a god, a test And… Continue reading Sacrifice

Jux/ta/po/si/tion JuxtapositionThe absent armour of boundaryThe brittle beauty of understandingThe casual coolness of your desireThe delicate danger of my longingThe empty envelope sealedThe fallen fire pausedThe glorious grittiness before the graceThe heavy honour weighting your heartThe ignorant idealism of my dreamsThe jarring joy of surrenderThe kept kiss of seductionThe laboured love of your youthThe morning… Continue reading Jux/ta/po/si/tion


My latest poem at Plus61J Media EMERGING EMERGING By Miriam Hechtman Recently I made a decisionI’m just going to love youI’m going to love you and love you moreOutwardsWith arms stretchedA thousand olive branchesPickedNever to be neededI’m going to hold in words like airLet them breathe out through every other creviceBut my mouthThese lips… Continue reading Emerging

Go Back to Life Go back to life YesGo hug each otherHold each otherThe war is overThe virus lostWe wonAll of usThe peopleThe fighting humansTogether in unisonGo back to lifeOpen the windowsOpen your doorOpen your heartsHandshakes are backStand close togetherHigh fiveI heard it on the wirelessThere’ll be jazz in the parkHotdog stands on the streetDancing in the squareGo… Continue reading Go Back to Life

But oh so long the wait has been But Oh So Long The Wait Has Been  (inspired by Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s poem The Dispossessed) But oh so long the wait has beenOh so long they walkedWith fear in their fingersAnd sweat on the browAs the politicians talked and talked And oh so long the wait has beenOh so long they stoodWith prayer on their… Continue reading But oh so long the wait has been