MIRIAM HECHTMAN: What drove my far-flung family – in Leeds, Montreal, Nova Scotia, Melbourne, Sydney and beyond – to reunite in the same ‘room’? It’s got to be Covid LEGEND HAS IT that my maternal grandfather Pinchas Koplowizc, after surviving the Holocaust, chose to restart his life in Australia because the queue was shorter and he… Continue reading Reunion

Mamaloshen MIRIAM HECHTMAN meets the Yiddish speaker groups in Sydney and Melbourne who have turned to Zoom during the pandemic to indulge their love of ‘mamaloshen’ Az men tut on sheyn a bezem, iz er oykh sheyn. Dress up a broom and it will look nice too.      Some expressions sound better in Yiddish. That’s the… Continue reading Mamaloshen

Levy for plastic at the checkout not to be bagged

AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW - GREEN BUSINESS - SPECIAL REPORT A Victorian trial shows recycling starts at the supermarket, explains Miriam Hechtman. 'Do you want a plastic bag with that?" is not a question commonly asked in Australian supermarkets, but one that recently became obligatory during an Australian-first trial in which a levy was placed on… Continue reading Levy for plastic at the checkout not to be bagged

How to make fear of flying pack its bags

THE AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW  - SPECIAL REPORT - BUSINESS TRAVEL The white-knuckle era is over. Miriam Hechtman describes new ways to overcome an all-too-common phobia. Hands clenched, white knuckles, sweaty palms, sudden heart palpitations and a sick feeling in the pit of the stomach - sound familiar? Travellers afraid of flying, but who still have… Continue reading How to make fear of flying pack its bags