“I love working with Miriam. She brings a particularly thoughtful and beautiful perspective to the world. Her work I AM FOR, created in response to the Australia reMADE vision has been a touchstone resource for us since it was written and her role as Poet Laureate has helped us to reach more people in new ways. Miriam brings heart, soul, passion, enthusiasm and bright ideas to the world.”


“Some people have magic that is both ineffable and irrefutable and Miriam is one of them. She has vision, passion, verve, and was described by my rather antisocial husband who was once sent on an errand to drop of a CD for her, as ‘a delight of a human being.’ He only met her for a few moments. Miriam has a way of bringing people together to celebrate words, great poets and artists and just the sheer joy of being alive. With so many events competing for our attention, we have to choose how to spend our time and money. It is fair to say that I would personally attend anything Miriam put on – whether it was a poetry event, a workshop or a new shade of lipstick.”


“Don’t miss the chance to work with Miriam Hechtman: she teaches, writes and creates with love, authenticity and rich imagination. Miriam’s work is steeped in both public justice and personal intimacy; she speaks to the soul and has the extraordinary ability to bring out the poetry in us all”.


“Miriam Hechtman is one of the most creative and inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

JUSTINE SAIDMAN, Director, Sydney Jewish Writers Festival 2017-19

Miriam is an incredibly talented poet, creative and facilitator. I met Miriam through her moving creative collaboration with Australia ReMade. As I work in climate advocacy and campaigning, Miriam’s poem ‘I am for’ had a profound impact on me. The poem reminded me of something I had been told many times before – to know what you stand for and the importance to communicate a vision of what that looks like –  but this time through Miriam’s creative form, it really struck a chord. I have also been lucky enough to attend a poetry workshop Miriam coordinated at Greenpeace Australia Pacific. My colleagues and I found it incredibly meditative and practical. Miriam taught us a few exercises to foster our creativity and mindfulness beyond the workshop. 

SOPHIA FOWLER, Impact Campaigner, Greenpeace

“Miriam is an excellent business writer with a lively writing style and the ability to tackle complex and technical material. Importantly for a freelancer, she is professional and reliable, always delivering on time and to the brief she has been given. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her work.

FREYA PURNELL, Publisher, FlapJack Custom Publishing

“I am an award winning producer who demands the absolute best from the members of my team. All I can say is that in my many years in production I have never worked with anyone as sharp as Miriam. She is a hard worker who knows how to stay one step ahead.”

CHRIS WARD, Producer/Director, Chris Ward Productions

“Miriam has written a few stories for me now and she is a great writer with ultra-clean copy and is really reliable. She submits work ahead of time and is a pleasure to deal with.”

MICHELLE HESPE, Director and Publisher at Publishing ByChelle

“When Miriam worked for me on AFR Special Reports she met deadlines with clean copy that met what could be a difficult brief. I would thoroughly recommend her work.”

 MARK LAWSON, Journalist and Author


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