The Alphabet of Women


Is that enough to sum up over three years in the making? Yeah I reckon so. Bookface of me with my first book-editing credit for an anthology comprising 26 excellent women. My poem “Dear Letter P” (see below) was the jump starter for this rather epic project that has already been performed live and on zoom before it was even bound in a book. This book knows no bounds. That’s part of its charm. When you purchase it and read it I do encourage reading it aloud. Alliteration begs to be heard. Savour those sounds and cadences. And soon, I do hope we will perform it live again in person on a stage with music and dance. Yes to this.

You can purchase the book at all online bookstores but I encourage you to get your local bookstores to get it in for you through Ginninderra Press. My local @gertrudeandalice is already on to it. January 1 is publication day. Starting 2022 with a skip in my step. Or a spring in my step? See how alliteration works…

Huge thanks to Ginninderra Press, all the wonderful poets in the book and in my life. And to designer extraordinaire @grace.felstead for the arresting book cover design. I love her.



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